Sweetgrass "Special" 7'9" 2/2 #4/5 Hex Fly Rod

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For sale here is a Sweetgrass "Special" 7'9" 4-5wt 2/2 bamboo rod. Serial no. 042412. The rod is in mint condition having only been lawn cast. Mildly tempered, dark straw colored cane with amber wraps and red tipping at the winding check, signature wrap, ferrules, and tip-tops. Blued guides, agate stripping guide. Ring hook-keeper with a fine twisted rope design. Handsome bamboo winding check. Full wells grip with very shallow curves that gives it a Ritz-like appearance and feel. The cork is only very slightly soiled. Blued, nickel silver, down-locking reel seat with a beautifully banded maple spacer. The Sweetgrass yin-yang logo is laser etched into the buttcap. The ferrules are size 11/64, the fit is excellent. The two tips are designed with different tapers. Overall, the rod has a terrific action on the faster side of medium-fast. Plenty of backbone in the butt with a gradual transfer to the thinner, lighter, more sensitive tip #1. An excellent set-up for precise casts, tippet protection, and better feel. Tip #2 is thicker and more stout and in turn gives the rod more strength at the tip for throwing streamers, long casts, or heavier fish. A great all around trout rod and very versatile. John Gierach often writes about his preference for 7'9" 5wt rods. The rod weighs 3.95 oz. with tip #1 and 4.05 oz. with tip #2. Includes original maroon bag with "SR" embroidery and a very fine Arne Mason leather tube with brass fittings. The leather tube has a couple of spots where clear tape was removed, leaving a slightly discolored area. The Sweetgrass logo is embossed in the tube cap.