Wayne Maca Beaverhead Rods 7'10" 2/1 #4/5/6

SKU: VFT10182

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For sale here is a bamboo rod from the bench of Wayne Maca of Beaverhead Rods in Montana. 240cm in length, or 7 feet, 10 1/2 inches, for a 4-6wt line. Excellent plus overall condition. The rod only weighs 3 5/8 oz. due to Wayne's crafty hollow-building techniques, as well as the carbon graphite ferrule system he employs. Uplocking reel seat, agate stripping guide, oxidized guides, bright tip top, reverse half wells grip. You will not be disappointed! Fast action rod with the ability to lay out a LOT of line if called upon.

Here is Wayne's colorful description of this taper:
Generally the most "popular" rod I make. The 240cm length of this model makes it a more user friendly, yet powerful rod, capable of putting out 70 ft.+ of line to "wow" your buddies, and all the while retain the accuracy at normal fishing distances to deliver a #22 midge to a fishes' nose. I realize there is a lot of ego involved with the owning and fishing of bamboo, it's just better in my opinion to show it on the river versus the casting pond by weilding a simply "better tool" for the job at hand. At the end of the day of course, go back to "wowing" them while casting a nice wind resistant "hopper".