Wayne Maca Beaverhead Rods 8'2" #5

SKU: VFT1474

For sale here is a bamboo rod from the bench of Wayne Maca of Beaverhead Rods in Montana. 250cm in length, or 8 feet, 2 1/2 inches, for a 5wt line. Made in June of 2008. Excellent plus overall condition. The rod only weighs 3 3/4 oz. due to Wayne's crafty hollow-building techniques, as well as the carbon graphite ferrule system he employs. Light straw colored cane. Chestnut brown wraps. Uplocking reel seat of black anodized aluminum and a beautiful stabilized hackberry spacer and butt cap. Peach colored agate stripping guide, oxidized guides and tip-top. The full-wells grip is only slightly soiled. Fast action rod. Includes original bag and aluminum tube with brass fittings.

Here is Wayne's colorful description of this taper:

When it comes to persnickety fish and lots of patience a rod that can deliver the right cast is of vital importance, this is the one. It's still powerful when compared to any conventional bamboo rod, and all the while possesses a gentle yet authoritative casting feel. Being slightly over 8' adds just the right inertial load to make this a sight fisherman's dream. In slower waters with less manhandling of line needed this rod "rocks". Throwing a hard upstream mend is still no problem but it's usually unnecessary, because of the precise "lining out" and control this rod provides.