Wayne Maca Beaverhead Rods 8'6" 2/1 #6

SKU: VFT3672

For sale here is a bamboo rod from the bench of Wayne Maca of Beaverhead Rods in Montana. 260cm in length, or 8'6" for a 6wt line. Near mint condition. The rod only weighs 3 7/8 oz. due to Wayne's crafty hollow-building techniques, as well as the carbon graphite ferrule system he employs. Uplocking reel seat, agate stripping guide, oxidized guides and tip top, Payne-style grip. You will not be disappointed! Fast-medium action rod with the ability to lay out a LOT of line if called upon.

Here is Wayne's colorful description of this taper:
When it comes to me building a traditional feel into a bamboo rod this is about as close as I can get, ( or would like to come, ) with my current building techniques. It's still powerful and accurate, but for my tastes is more of a rod that a lover of "traditional bamboo rods" would enjoy. Because of the inertial "swing weight" it is an overall slower casting ( more parabolic ) rod. Still able to cast extreme distances, dance a line above streamside willows, and cast short and sweet to a slowly sipping riser. The kind of rod one hands to a friend who has fished bamboo for years, and says, what do you think, while waiting for the widening of their eyes.