Wright & McGill Granger Bamboo Rod - Model 9050

SKU: VFT8538

For sale here is a Wright & McGill Granger Bamboo Rod - Model 9050. 9 feet, three sections with two tips. The model stamp has be almost completely worn off and is very faint. The original wraps are gone and were replaced with incorrect thread color so it's hard to say what model exactly. This rod is in very good condition though there are a few issues. The rod has been re-wrapped amateurishly with incorrect dark green silk and one of the tips is down 5 1/2". There is also the beginnings of some delamination at the male ferrule side of the mid section. The varnish remains in good condition. The reel seat and cork could use a good cleaning but are in great shape. The rod weighs 5.90 oz. Comes with original bag and replacement aluminum tube. The ferrule sizes are 17/64 and 11/64. The ferrule fit is good on all sections. This is an excellent candidate for a restoration so this classic rod may fish again.