Ordering a Rod

We're delighted that you want to order a rod. By way of background, here's how the process works. In order to satisfy a wide variety of angler's needs we make a lot of different models from small stream trout rods to larger rods for salmon and steelhead. In order to be efficient, however, we try and make our rods in batches. That means that we're usually working on several of one particular model at a given time, with plans to do several other different types in the near future. All Spinoza rods are sold price-upon-delivery, meaning that the effective price is that which is posted on our site at the time when the rod is completed and ready to be shipped to you. While prices are subject to change without notice we do our best to keep increases relatively steady and predictable, with changes typically made at the beginning of each calendar year. As a courtesy to our customers, we also do our best to give you an idea of when you can reasonably expect your rod to be ready, usually by contacting you when we first start working on it, again when we are nearing completion, and then lastly when it is fully finished and ready to be shipped. We are always happy to discuss our models, options, and other considerations so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or general inquiries. Please note that prices do not include taxes or shipping costs (with USPS domestic shipping usually runs $30-40 and international $70-100, though it can be higher if we need to use other shipping companies). When we are about to begin working on your order we also ask for a modest deposit (non-refundable) with the balance due upon completion. Prices - [threecol_one]TABLE OF HP/SC PRICES HERE[/threecol_one] HP/SC/Spinoza Premium Options - Fill out an Order Form Diagram of process What our cutting schedule looks like in the next 12 months...?