Shipping, Returns, & Refunds


We ship all of our items via the United States Postal Service and do our best to ship at cost. To do this we typically charge a flat rate per item as well as a percentage of the item value in order to cover insurance. Due to the importance of packing items carefully please allow up to two weeks for arrival (depending on how busy we are) though we certainly do our best to get items to you as expeditiously as possible. Our Shipping Rates are as follows, though are subject to change without notice: Bamboo Fly Rods - Domestic (USA): Bamboo Fly Rods - International: Vintage Reels - Domestic (US): Vintage Reels - International: Modern Classic Reels - Domestic (USA): Modern Classic Reels - International: Books - Domestic (USA): Books - International: Accessories - Flat Rate


All items come with an inspection period during which they can be returned to us for a full refund (provided that they are in the same condition in which they left our shop). Inspection periods are as follows: Marc Aroner Fly Rods: 1 week. Consignment Fly Rods: 3 Days. Vintage Reels: 3 Days. Books: 3 Days. Modern Classic Reels: 30 days.


If an item is returned, we will issue a refund within 10 days. Refunds will be either administered by providing a check or, when possible, by canceling a credit card purchase.
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