November 07, 2013 1 min read

It doesn’t always happen like this but in the last hour of the last day of my recent Salmon trip to Nova Scotia I was working a small pool on the Baddeck River and managed to hook up to a fish. I caught her on a fly pattern I came up with and on a 6’9″ Hunt Pattern fly rod that I had made for myself.  I was tempted to keep going for another hour-or-so, but then thought: does it really get any better than this? It was hard to argue with the beautiful gold and orange colors of a waning maritime autumn, to say nothing of the salmon itself. Far better, I thought, to send her back on her way and for me to finally pack up and do the same.

To all those who were lucky to be on the water this year, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a good run in 2014 and make sure we do everything we can to conserve and support this beautiful fish!


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