February 24, 2012 1 min read

I posted a photo of this rod over on our facebook page recently, and got a few questions about it (it’s a 7’6″ Spring Creek Salmon Rod for an #8). This rod was a special one for me to make, since I built it as a college graduation present for Junior some years back. The first thing he said was “Wow!”, and then after having cast it for a few minutes remarked, “So, if I go to graduate school I can get another one, right?”. Smart cookie.

Perhaps the most fun part of making it was looking forward to him being able to use it on his first salmon trip the following autumn. In preparation I had spent the summer telling him – warning him really – about how difficult salmon fishing was and how there had been years in the past where I had gone whole trips with barely so much as a take. Naturally, after all of my efforts to appropriately lower his expectations, he bagged a salmon on his second cast of the trip, and then went on to catch a goodly number of them over the next two weeks. Some rods have serious luck, and this is certainly one of them!


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