Abbey & Imbrie Raised Pillar Trout Casting Reel


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Featuring the earliest crossed hook logo on the head cap, this 2" diameter (measured pillar to pillar), 1 1/8" wide spool reel has a tiny crank handle with turned rubber grasp and a rim mounted drag. Unfortunately the clicker is missing. Still looks nice on a bookshelf and is in fine cosmetic condition! A scarce little reel that's been preserved for about a century!

ABBEY & IMBRIE, a New York fishing tackle retailer and wholesaler, was formed in 1875 by the buyout of Andrew Clerk (in the fishing tackle business since the 1820s) by L. H. Abbey and Charles F. Imbrie.

A&I soon moved to 18 Vese Street, where the shop remained for many years. Abbey & Imbrie retailed many Julius vom Hofe reels which were usually marked Abbey & Imbrie, N.Y. They also contracted for reels from many other manufacturers through the years. Many of their earliest reels were manufactured by Conroy and Crook. The famous A&I crossed fish hook trademark seen on this and other early A&I reels was granted in 1877.

In 1930 A&I was sold to Horrocks-Ibbotson of Utica, N.Y.