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Annie Margarita Oil Painting - "Bear Snack"

Bear Snack
16 wide x 20 tall

Bold brushstrokes, water effects, the clear eyes of the happy bear as he takes his next meal from the stream. Strength in the abstract realism creates a shaggy wet coat on the bear, the salmon just snagged from the stream, dripping with the cold river still upon him, seeming to not realize yet what has happened. A natural event of the circle of life, with contrasts and color, makes a solid expression in this painting.

Annie Margarita has been selling paintings since high school. Collectors from all over the country have enjoyed Annie’s work since she became a professional artist in 1993. Well known for her murals and Western portrait art, Annie’s passion for fly fishing and making leather fly fishing cases, has gained a new dimension in paint. Winning International and National awards for her art and design, see Annie’s portfolio

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