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Annie Margarita Oil Painting - "Salmon Run"

Salmon Run
20 wide x 16 tall

Annie’s striking use of red sets the mood of this dramatic painting. The strong color and crowded subject matter create the story of a large river during a sockeye salmon spawn. Expressions in the fishes’ eyes show confusion, strength, joy and the restlessness of the season. Bold strokes and managed colors help create the feeling of a pebbled riverbed, crowded fish and the reflection of the top of the water.

Annie Margarita has been selling paintings since high school. Collectors from all over the country have enjoyed Annie’s work since she became a professional artist in 1993. Well known for her murals and Western portrait art, Annie’s passion for fly fishing and making leather fly fishing cases, has gained a new dimension in paint. Winning International and National awards for her art and design, see Annie’s portfolio at

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