Aroner 7'6" 3/2 #4 Spring Creek "Full Flex"

It's no secret that most of the rods I build are typically modern variations on established Catskill tapers, designs which couple crisp actions with fine tips to produce maximum casting accuracy. Over the past few years however, I've been quietly experimenting with a deeper flexing action, one that goes farther down to the swell and which is meant to create an action which seems to "cast itself" without being excessively slow. That is the design offered here and which is part of an idea I'm hoping to be able to pursue every year or so -- to take a design I've been contemplating and be able to prototype, iterate, and refine it until I've achieved the performance qualities I'm looking for. This "Full Flex" is one of these specialized builds which will be offered as one-of-a-kind products. In addition to the unique action, I've also built this rod with a several other features that I've been refining over the last 12 months. The first is the reel seat configuration, which uses my "payne-style acorn cap" (normally used with a screw-lock seat) with a standard sliding ring which is seated over nickel silver rails inset into the spacer. The second new feature I'm offering with this rod is the specialized rod tube which uses my new completely custom, in-house brass hardware fittings which I've been experimenting with on my Hardinge lathe (and which will be featured in an upcoming video). The fittings, pictured at left, make this the Cadillac of rod tubes! Other features include my "pot belly"style ferrules (oxidized) and olive wraps (including signature wraps). If you're looking for a unique, sweet-casting rod with a host of great features, this is it!

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