Aroner 7'6" 3/2 #6/7 Hunt Pattern

An Aroner 7'6" 3/2 #6/7 that dates from the mid 1980's. Black frost-anodized uplocking screw lock sear with a mortised walnut spacer. This screwlock was made in my shop and engineered not to jam nor have the slide pitch up on the reel foot (if you only knew how much time went into making these screw locks - they have to be the world's most expensive!). Cork western style grip. Rod shaft is wrapped in a very rare light tan with cinnamon edges. Carbide stripping guide. Superb varnish. "Truncated" swiss ferrules.

A few words on the design of this rod which was specially built to use a triangle taper #6/7. Many years ago, after completing the initial prototype, I met the late Joe Garman up in Canada one autumn and handed it to him to test (Joe was a discriminating bamboo enthusiast as many know). Anyway, he peeled a few handfuls of line off the reel, made two false casts, and then laid out the line clear across the Trans-Canadian highway. Not surprisingly, it has gone on to be a very popular design for western trout waters, the Delaware system, or, as I will often use it, for grilse or light salmon. A superb medium-fast action. I've replaced the rod tube with one of my new ones. Ferrule plugs are available for a modest extra fee.

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