Aroner Fishing Creek 7' 3/2 #5

It was fun to see this  Aroner 7' 3/2 #5 "Fishing Creek" model from the consignor, this one with a DF action. This was a rare model for a few reasons. The first is simply that I didn't make many of these: the "Fishing Creek" model was intended to have duplicate tips which were not mirrored (node spacing). No ferrule plugs were provided and the rod came with a less expensive unpolished aluminum brass top tube. However all bamboo parts, ferrules, reel seat, and so forth were the same high quality as my regular models (I had to discontinue it when demand for my other models became unfillable in a reasonable time). Two unusual features of this particular one also stand out. One, the tips on this rod actually are mirrored. And second, I made this rod many years ago as a gift for my dad (who was not a fly fisherman, and practical fellow that he was, later traded the rod for a violin that he actually would put to good use).
Back to the rod description. This is a great length and line weight often overlooked by other rod makers. It is a strong and powerful caster and provides excellent distance and accuracy with both streamers and large drys. However the fine tips also provide good close casting with a nice, tight loop. The short length heightens the sporting fun of large fish on small rods and provides ease of transportation on trail and aircraft. I keep two such sizes in my personal collection and use them frequently.
All sections are full length. The spar varnish is in good condition but shows scratches and scuffs and a few hook nicks but nothing through to the bamboo. One tip has a pattern of scratches in a small area which have been re-varnished and polished.
Ferrules are swiss style with a collared male with knurl and are slightly truncated. Wraps are light brown tipped dark red. Please note that the keeper ring has been broken off. The reel seat is a mortised red maple with spar varnish. A wood lip meets the medium blunt cigar grip. Cap and ring and ferrules have brassing to the bluing. All sections are straight and ferrule fits are good. Brown poplin bag with leather pull tag and brass-capped tube.
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