Aroner Fishing Creek 7'6" 2/2 #4 M Prototype

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An Aroner Fishing Creek Prototype fly rod, 7'6", 2-piece, 2-tip built for a #4. This was the very first of this model, possibly made in the late 1980's. Near mint condition. Medium full-flexing action without being too slow. Oxidized and truncated swiss-style ferrules with a collar and inset slant knurl. Wheat straw colored cane with light brown wraps and double wrapped at the ferrules. Superb spar varnish, as I had learned from Tom Maxwell. 3-up node pattern construction. Keeper on the wrap flat. 11 1/4 cork blunt cigar grip, 5 3/4" long. Snake guide impression in grip near the bottom. Varnished burl birdseye maple reel seat spacer with an oxidized slide cap and ring. No roller die stamp on the cap and there is no rear cork check but a wood lip straight to the grip, which indicates that this is one of my earliest model rods. No ferrule plug, and non-original bag but tube is original. A treat to see this rod after all of these years, one that reminds me of working closely with Tom Maxwell.