Aroner Hunt Pattern 7’6″ 2/2 #3 DF [SOLD]

An Aroner Hunt Pattern 7’6″ 2/2 #3 DF in very excellent condition. “Aroner 7 1/2′ #3 DF – Hunt Pattern” is labeled on the rod shaft. This is a rare early model in this length and configuration. It predates the use of a roller die stamp which places its manufacture in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. This is also the first screw lock seat I hand-made on my small 7″ swing Pratt & Whitney lathe. I had the anodizing done at the same place that famed reelmaker Stan Bogdan used. Looking back on it now, I still think these are the best engineered screw locks I have come across (on that small lathe it was extremely time-consuming to make all 4 parts and was thus very, very expensive). The choice of an uplocking seat for a lighter rod was somewhat rare and was made by the original customer. The wood spacer is varnished and mortised walnut and the grip is a Payne-style or western design, with a hidden pocket cap. The grip shows only very slight hand soiling. Wrappings are “May Rose” silk with the usual small orange edges. There is a hook keeper on the wrap flat. The cane is flamed and the varnish is still flawless. Ferrules are a truncated swiss design with a collar on the males which sports knurling and delicate trim marks much favored by me at that time. Rod shafts are straight and ferrule fits are excellent. The rod action is a nice construction, in that the butt is fast and shows a lot of swell while the tips are softer to provide fishing delicacy. Provided with a period bag and tube. Please note: since the photo above was taken I have re-polished the tube (i.e., no scuffs are left) and have also provided a ferrule plug for the rod.
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