Aroner Spring Creek 7'6' 3/2 #6/7

A Marc Aroner Spring Creek fly rod, 7'6" 3-piece, 2-tips for a #6/7 fly line. Medium action. I built this Spring Creek sometime in the late 1980s. 98% new condition. This taper was initially developed as a variant of one of my salmon rods. My friend, the late Joe Garman, was a big fan of this action and it was he who suggested that with some tweaking this would make a great western trout rod for casting bigger flies. Features a black anodized uplocking screw lock handmade in my shop. A spectacular varnished and mortised walnut spacer with great tiger-maple-like ripples in the grain. Western or fishtail-style 5 1/2" grip with light soiling.  Flawless varnished blonde cane in the 3 up node pattern. Olive wraps with unusual purple edges. Bronze high-speed steel snake guides. My swiss ferrules with a collar on the males with a recessed slant knurl.  Ferrules are oxidized black.  Olive poplin bag and polished aluminum tube with brass hardware. 

This rod is perfect for bigger water and turning over larger flies with power and accuracy.

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