Aroner Spring Creek Salmon Rod 9' 3/2 #8

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  • An excellent Aroner Spring Creek Salmon rod, a 9' model, 3-piece, 2-tip, built for an #8 line. This is my Spring Creek offering, with more traditional blonde cane. Mint, un-fished or even lawn cast, as far as I can tell. Made in early 2000. This is the boomer rod, the one with lots of backbone, for chasing big steelhead and salmon.

    This rod features perfect spar varnished shafts wrapped in olive silk and oxidized step ferrules. Western-style grip with mortised birdseye maple seat, and my handmade black-anodized uplocking screw lock (I don't want to go into how much time it took to make these on my tiny Pratt & Whitney lathe back then, though I still think these are the best functioning screw locks ever made!). Rubber button on the butt is mounted on a ferrule and pulls out to accommodate a fighting butt which is provided with the rod. With a big fish on you can pop it in for extra leverage and to keep your reel away from any tangles from your vest or pack. The tips are mirrored. Packed in a brass-lined Arnie Mason leather tube (which itself retails for around $600). 

    If you are looking for a rod for chasing steelhead or salmon next season, look no further!

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