Art T Hart Large Arbor III Fly Reel

SKU: 1030

A nice Ari T Hart Large Arbor III reel, set up for LHW. 4" diameter with a 1 1/4" spool width. Large arbor design with a ported spool and three large ported holes on the backplate (which also rotates as the drag adjuster). Excellent used condition with a few minor wear marks here and there and there is a tiny bit of corrosion around the base of the counterbalance. The handle is also missing the rubber gasket rings, which are simple to replace. A smooth powerful drag which with a nice soft click in both directions. The frame is anodized silver while the spool is anodized black (as is a small part of the reel foot). Made in Holland. No bag. A relatively scarce Ari T Hart model.