Billy Pate Bonefish Reel

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A Billy Pate Bonefish Anti-Reverse fly reel in all-black anodized finish. LHW. Honest use with some nicks and wear on the frame edges and a few small spots on the faceplate. 3 1/2" diameter with a frame width of 1 5/8". Loaded with backing, the reel weighs approximately 11.5 ounces. Serial number #239 stamped next to the foot. The line capacity with 20lb backing loaded on it is 300 yds. with #7, 285 yds. with #8, 275 yds. with #9. Comes with the original zippered pouch (the inside of the pouch appears to be degrading slightly leaving small bits of black dust behind, so I have kept the reel outside of it).