Bob Summers Fishing Net - made by Ron Reinhold

SKU: VFT7941

For sale here is a super rare item -- a trout-sized net made for a few select customers of Bob Summers by Ron Reinhold - a very famous Michigan salmon fly hook maker and master net builder. Ron only made between a dozen and two dozen of these nets for Mr. Summers back in the 1980's and did not make them for any other rodmaker.

This net is made of curly maple for the frame with a handle center of birds-eye maple. The net is finished with a table top epoxy. Net bag needs to be replaced as there are a couple of holes in it (mouse got to it). I can tell you the gentleman you can get it from - it will be the same bag Ron used for this net from the same supplier. There are a few white boat paint marks on the wood but no dings, digs, flaking or cracks.

Written on the inlay is:
R.W. Summers Co.
Builder of fine Tonkin cane rods
Traverse City, Michigan

In addition, written on the one side of the handle is "Pere Marquette Model...made by R.W. Reinhold". Prior owner's name is on part of the handle as well.

ps......Ron sold his hook business back in 2006 to shift his effort full-time to writing......a couple of years ago he published a book titled, "Predicting the Bite", which I highly recommend.