Bogdan 00 Fly Reel LHW

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A superb Bogdan 00 fly reel, set up for LHW. Mint condition. Although the reel comes with a green 444 line I cannot find a single scratch or scuff to show any use. A desirable 3 1/4" diameter, this is often described as the Bogdan "Grilse" model, and weighs 10 ounces and holds a #7 line with 75 yards of backing. It is a double-action multiplier retrieve and boasts the famous Bogdan brake drag system. Champagne anodized frame, with silver crank handle, foot, buttons, and name plate. Black anodized side plates and drag lever.  "00" stamped on the foot. It comes with the original brown leather drawstring bag. The pinnacle of bench-made salmon reels, ready to go for your single-handed salmon rod.