Bogdan 400 Fly Reel LHW

SKU: 363

Wow! A mint Bogdan 400 fly reel, the largest model in Stan's catalog. This reel is incredibly rare, especially in LHW, and has never seen a line put on it. It's in the exact mint condition in which it left the Bogdan shop. The 400 model was designed for use with large two-handed rods on big rivers going after big fish (Norway, the Restigouche, etc.). It is 4" in diameter with a 1.625" spool width, and was built for #12 lines with 125 yards of 20lb backing. It weighs 15.5 ounces. It boasts the classic double-caliper brake drag that made the Bogdan name famous and is capable of stopping the strongest sea-run salmon. This model is incredibly rare and deserves pride of place in the collection of a serious Bogdan aficionado. These just don't come up very often at all. Don't miss this one!

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