Bogdan 50 Fly Reel w/Palming Plate - LHW

SKU: 239

A superb Bogdan model 50 salmon reel in left-hand-wind with a rare palming plate. This reel is in mint, unused condition, a perfect reel for the collector. Black anodized side plates with the standard Bogdan adjustable drag. The small standard plate states "S. E. Bogdan, Nashua, N.H.". The model number "50" is stamped on the reel foot. The palming spool has a small counterbalance on it and the reel comes in a standard Bogdan brown leather drawstring bag (inside the bag is an additional serpentine handle to re-convert to a standard side plate from the palming spool). A really fantastic package here, with palming plates being exceedingly hard to find on Bogdans.