RK Bolt Bamboo Rod 8' 2/2 #5

SKU: VFT1434

For sale here is an R.K. Bolt 8' 2/2 5wt bamboo rod. The rod is in excellent condition. All sections are full length though there is a set in the butt and in one of the tips. 

The rod features moderately tempered cane with a matte oil finish and honey-colored wraps. Jet black wraps at the ferrules. The tip-tops are wrapped in green and red respectively to distinguish them from one another. Blued guides and ferrules. The script remains clean and bold and reads, "12/79   R.K. Bolt   Maker" written on three consecutive flats. The reverse half wells grip is 6 5/8" in length with moderate soiling though the cork remains quite smooth. Blued nickel silver cap and ring reel seat over a walnut spacer with a handsome rustic appearance. The Swiss-style ferrules are size 12/64 with an excellent fit. The rod weighs 4.25 oz. The action is medium-fast dry fly with wonderful recovery. The rod displays a fine balance between power and delicacy. A terrific all-around trout rod ready for the water. Includes the original bag and tube. 

Mr. Bolt is the heir apparent to the Howells' legacy, purchasing Gary’s workshop in its entirety and building rods in the Howells' vernacular with extraordinary skill and integrity. This is one of his very early rods.