Per Brandin Model 765-2 P Bamboo Rod 7'6" 2/2 #5

SKU: VFT2368

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For sale here is a Per Brandin quadrate rod made in 2006. Model 765-2 P, which is based on the Paul Young Perfectionist taper. Only three of these models have been made to date and this is the only one ever made with the "staggered ferrule" set up, whereby Per originally made one tip 3" longer than the butt section and the other tip section. Fully assembled, the rod is 7'6" with the equal length tip and 7'9" with the longer tip, with a weight of 3 5/8 oz. and 3 3/4 oz. respectively. The ferrules are size 14/64 with an excellent fit. Beautifully flamed medium dark cane. Modified wells grip with oxidized nickel silver pocketed cap and ring. All original rod, bag and tube (made by Per). The condition of the rod is near mint. The rod casts tight loops effortlessly.

Not many makers can match the brilliance and talents of Paul Holden Young. Per and this rod embodies all of that and more!