Carlin, Chris -- 8'3 5wt Rectangular Quad Bamboo Rod


For sale here is a stunning rectangular quadrate rod made by Chris Carlin in Alaska, USA. 8'3" with two sections and two tips for a five weight line. Hollowbuilt construction. Serial no. 1805.

Mint unfished condition

The rod features spliced ferrules that allow for less weight and a fluid action similar to a one-piece rod. 

Four sided rods whose geometry tapers from a standard (square) quad shape in the butt section to a rectangular, wider-than-tall geometry in the tip section. The resulting rod dampens vibrations better and is more stable and accurate.

Blonde straw-colored cane with transparent wraps. Caramel wraps at the winding check, signature wrap, ferrules, and tip-tops. Bright hardware throughout. Agate stripping guide. Garrison-style grip with the protective plastic still in place. Classic nickel silver cap and ring reel seat over a beautifully figured maple spacer. The rod weighs 4 3/8 oz. Original bag and labeled tube with brass fittings. Also includes a fresh roll of Renfrew hockey tape, the tape preferred by many spliced rod makers. 

Don't miss out on this fine cane rod from Chris Carlin. You will certainly not be disappointed.