"Cast and Blast" Dubbing Needle

UPDATE #4 - 11/16/2017 - Well, sorry folks, it looks like these have sold out again. Same thing: if you are interested in having me do a fourth run of them, please email me at info@spinozarods.com and I'll see what I can do...

UPDATE #3 - 11/15/2017 - Okay I've finally made another batch of these which are available for purchase. Enjoy!

UPDATE #2- 11/19/2016 - Oh no, it looks like we underestimated demand for these again and are sold out a second time. Apologies to those who were hoping to get one. Please shoot me a note if you still want one and I can see about doing a third run info@spinozarods.com

Note: This is the second limited run of these dubbing needles that we have done (the first was limited to 16). They go quickly so don't delay!

Every five years or so I decide to make a new set of dubbing needles and this one was a particularly fun edition for me to produce. The top portion is made from genuine Leonard Rod Company 51-7 Hunt butt section. The needle is turned slightly over the needle eye size and then glued into the bamboo which has been scalloped at the top near the opening.

The lower part deserves explanation. A number of years ago a customer who was an avid collector of Purdey shotguns ordered five rods from me. He also sent me a large block of walnut with which to make his reel seats. The walnut was exceptional and came from a Purdey shotgun blank the he had hand selected himself.

I used some of this extra wood to make the middle section of the needles. When considering a name for this series it seemed that having a bamboo fly rod married to a shotgun stock made it obvious: why not call it "cast and blast"? The name is written on the bamboo section along with the series number.

Lastly, I have added a heavy brass base (with the Spinoza Rod Company cartouche imprinted) so the needle will sit upright on your tying table. I have also turned a brass point guard for the tip with a tiny cork core that will keep the needlle tip guard in place.