Charlton 8450C Fly Reel w/ 5/6 Spool


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For sale here is a Charlton 8450C fly reel with 5/6 spool in perfect working condition. A few dings and scrapes here and there cosmetically but nothing objectionable for most fisherman! The line and backing are wound for left hand retrieve, but if you're a righty, simply strip off the line and backing and convert it to right internally, or I can. I will also find a protective reel case to ship with the reel. It does not come with the blue cordura case shown in the photos, sorry about the confusion. 

Where else are you going to find a Charlton 8450 for less than a thousand? Buy this warrior!

Exceptional quality in a flexible design that you can tailor to the conditions. With the quick change of a spool you can alter both the weight of the reel and line with appropriate backing capacity. Exclusive configurable system accommodates three different quick change spools: 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 weight. Cover a range of six line weights with a single reel. Retrieve rate increases as you mount spools engineered for smaller line weights, resulting in a large arbor, quick-retrieve reel. When mounted with the smaller spools it becomes a lightweight, quick-retrieve, freshwater reel. Carbon fibre disk drag system built for larger species. Type III anodization for maximum saltwater protection. Oversized 5/8" smooth-riding aerospace bearings. Complete enclosure of all mechanical components to protect against contamination from the elements. New patent pending snap-reverse system instantly reverses to left- or right-hand retrieve with the push of a button.