Chris Raine (Dunsmuir Rod Co) Quad Fly Rod 8'3" 2/2 #5

SKU: 300

A nice rod from Chris Raine (Dunsmuir Rod Company), a 8'3" 2-piece, 2-tip quad. DF action, shows signs of moderate use, primarily some hand soiling of the grip. The cane is a shade or two darker than "wheat straw" colored cane. Spiral node pattern. Varnished cane. Snake brand guides are wrapped yellow, and brown at the ferrules and tip top. Inscribed "The Quad Rod" on wrap flat. And one flat right " 8'3"  No 162 HB" two flats right "Raine Maker". 13 cork grip is 6 1/8" long and styled as a modified half wells grip. Uplocking slide band reel seat with wood that appears to be west coast maple burl. Ring, rear cork check, and bottom plate are oxidized. The step ferrules are oxidized as well. The ferrule fit is good and the rod is nice and straight. Tan bag with Dunsmuir hang tag. Black painted aluminum tube with brass capped collar and bottom. Dunsmuir Rod Co data sticker on tube states rod weight at 3 7/8 ounces.