Claudio, Ferdinand -- 8'9 8wt Fiberglass Rod

SKU: VFT3209

For sale here is a Ferd Claudio 8'9" 8wt fiberglass rod. Model 898A. The rod is in excellent original condition and features classic brick colored glass blank with gold wraps and a lighter gold tipping. Bright guides. The rod features a spigot ferrule which produces a very efficient transfer of energy through the rod. The ferrule fit is perfect. The ferrule is absent of cracks or any defect. Fully seated there is a 1/8" gap in the ferrule to allow for wear over time. Western-style grip is only lightly soiled and very smooth. Aluminum up-locking screw-lock reel seat with a fine walnut spacer. The seat is reminiscent of a Payne reel seat. The action is authoritative yet smooth and on the faster side of medium-fast. Rod weighs 4 3/8 oz. Includes replacement bag, no tube.