Darryl Whitehead Fly Rod 6' 1/1 #2/3

A unique Darryl Whitehead, 6', 1-piece rod for a #2 or #3 line, the only 1-piece that he has made to date. Mortised ivory slide band, cap and ring seat. Cap and ring engraved by master engraver Paolo Barbetti. On the bottom of the cap "D. Whitehead, Maker, #33, 1991" is engraved. Narrow cork bands comprise the grip, which is shaped to a slim cigar. Straw colored cane with a spiral node pattern. Light yellow wraps are almost clear when varnished, and are black, yellow, and have black edges at the keeper and tip-top. Superb varnish on rod shafts. Form-fitting foam cylinder encloses the rod within the holland leather case. The owner states that the rod has been lawn cast 3 times. A nice, delicate action rod in a unique configuration.