Darryl Whitehead Fly Rod 8' 2/2 #7

SKU: 133

An excellent Darryl Whitehead fly rod, an 8', 2-piece, 2-tip model built for #7 line. Serial #102. Mint, unfished. A handsome presentation-grade rod from an admired west coast maker. Spiral node pattern, honey-colored cane temper.  Wrapped light brown with gold accents. Agate stripper, high arch guides. Absolutely perfect varnish. Oxidized swiss-style ferrules. The western-style grip is composed of tiny 1/4" corks. The downlocking screw lock reel seat spacer appears to be fossilized horn. The reel seat hardware is engraved by Paolo Barbetti with "No. 102, D.L. Whitehead. maker" also engraved on the butt cap. The ferrule plug also appears to be made from the same material as the seat spacer. Packed in a green cloth bag and a great leather tube by F Mariner of Seattle. This is quite a striking package, very nicely put together.