David Edel 3" Vom Hofe Peerless Fly Reel

SKU: VFT11133

For sale here is a David Edel fly reel, his rendition of Edward Vom Hofe's Peerless reel. Excellent plus overall condition. Fixed check. The reel is 3" diameter, a 15/16" wide spool, and weighs 8 1/4 oz. Capacity is DT5 plus approximately 60 yds of backing. It also includes a click switch on the winding plate that enables silent drag operation. Nickel copper rims, nickel silver screws, counterbalance, pillars. Stainless steel foot. Aluminum spool. High-quality ebonite side plates. The reel is set up for left hand retrieve. Comes with a custom A.E. Nelson reel case. Mr. Nelson is best known for his custom leathered creels, and was commissioned by Edel to make these high quality cases to accompany his reels.