Lyle Dickerson Model 8014 Bamboo Rod 8' 2/2 #6

SKU: VFT10763

For sale here is a Lyle Dickerson Model 8014 bamboo rod. 8', 2/2 for a 6 weight line. Built in 1952 for the rod's original owner, Bill Scharffe. Bill's son sent the rod to us on consignment, so it's been a one-family rod up to this point.

The rod has three tips, two being Dickerson-made full length replacement tips. The original tip is one inch short and has a repair wrap between the last guide and tip top. All of the tips have fishing sets because Mr. Scharffe wasn't afraid to target big fish with it. They owned a place on the North Branch of the Ausable and caught numerous big browns on night fishing excursions over many years of fishing with this rod. 
His son pointed out to me that in the mid-50s his father even took the rod up to Newfoundland for a salmon fishing excursion!

The rod weighs ~4.4 oz. Payne-style grip with down-locking aluminum hardware and a walnut insert. Brown silk thread wraps with black edging. Blued nickel silver ferrules and guides. Typical Dickerson loop to loop style hook-keeper. No winding check. Classic 3x3 Dickerson node staggering, although one of the replacement tips shows 2x2x2. The ferrule fit is perfectly tight with all three tips. The varnish on all sections is original to my eye but does show much honest use. All of the wraps appear original as well. The rod comes with a brown replacement bag with four compartments and a replacement tube.

There were 103 of the 8014 model rods built and 31 known to exist today. This rod casts like a dream - classic medium fast Dickerson action. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grab this one!