Dingley Fly Reel 3 1/2" - St. George style wide drum - RARE!


For sale here is a Dingley-made reel you won't see often. It's a leaded St. George style WIDE DRUM! Retailed by and stamped "J DICKSON & SON EDINBURGH". What makes this wide drum reel even more unique is that it is still in original condition and hasn't been broken since it was made 70-80 years ago. Why do I say that? If you take a close look, you will see that the frame width is extremely thin compared to most reels of this vintage. For example, I measured it against the 3 3/4" Dingley Zefer reel for sale here on the website and noted the following differences:

Rim width is 4.0mm versus 7.9mm on the Zefer
Pillar width is 4.2mm versus 5.9mm on the Zefer
Pillar height is 2.4mm versus 4.0mm on the Zefer
Reel foot pillar width is 2.6mm versus 4.9mm on the Zefer
Spool wall width is 1.5mm versus 2.5mm on the Zefer
Even the spindle diameter is smaller - 6.3mm vs 7.1mm on the Zefer

Overall the reel weighs only 7 1/4 oz. The spool width is 1.2". The reel is stamped "10" on the inner frame, spool and foot. It still features a plenty healthy spring which results in adequate tension in this fixed check reel format. You LHW guys could easily tweak the spring for LHW use. It has an amazing knurling pattern on the frame edge of the back side. The ebonite handle spins freely. Very slight amount of end play which is quite normal with these types of reels - not enough to require rebushing though. No wobble in the spool. No line burns. Amazingly no cracks, dings or chips to the frame. Spool has one cusp. The reel retains some of the original leading. Original brass foot is straight and full-length at 2.5". Two-screw spool latch works great.

The reel is not stamped with a "D", but it has all of the hallmarks of a Dingley-made reel.

Get it while you can because you probably haven't and won't see another one of these.

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