Dingley 3 1/4" caged spool fly reel with agate line guide

SKU: VFT6419

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For sale here is a 3 1/4" caged spool, unbadged, Dingley fly reel with clean agate line guide. This early 1920s reel retains most of its original leading and operates very smoothly; foot is straight and original and will fit most modern fly rods (I've just had it on my Winston MX).

The unusual feature is the check adjuster mechanism, not one we've seen before so presumably experimental. Whilst being unusual it is very effective and gives finely adjustable control over a wide range.

It may be that William Dingley was experimenting in the shop; or it was requested by a customer (I lean towards the former; and it was too expensive for production(?)).

We'd be interested in seeing a similar set up.

This reel will ship from our UK office.