Dingley Fly Reel 3 3/4" Perfect Style - Cummins

SKU: VFT7613

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For sale here is a vintage Dingley 3 3/4" fly reel made for Cummins (similar in style to a Hardy Perfect). Comes with original copper line guide. Stamped D3 and 3 throughout. This RHW reel is in excellent condition and comes with a nice and strong dual pawl/spring check. Tensioner works perfectly. Gear teeth and pawls still very sharp. Un-filed original smooth brass reel foot with four screws. Great condition ebonite handle but it's really tight and needs to be loosened (Bill Archuleta can get the brass pin out of the handle, clean the inside and make sure it spins freely). The reel has no wobble and only a slight amount of spindle play. No cracks or chips. Majority of original leading remaining. Original spool screw. Floating ball race. This particular version of the spool from the mid 1920s came without the washer under the screw. Reel foot is 3.2" and the reel weighs 13.6 oz. A very solid fishing reel!