Dingley 3" Perfect Fly Reel

SKU: VFT5108

For sale here is a gorgeous old Dingley-made Perfect from the early 1920's. This 3 inch reel is extremely tight, very well made. It has a single pawl/spring and no ball bearings (a "eunuch" model). It comes with a strap-over tensioner (another feature hard to find on Dingley reels) that works perfectly, gradually increasing the spring tension throughout its adjustment range. The original brass foot is full length and unblemished.

The reel foot measures 2 9/16" and the reel weighs 5.95 oz. A classic and very rarely seen reel made by the master, and very fishable to this day. This reel will look great and balance very well with any of your 4 or 5 weight bamboo rods.