Dutch Reels "Rio Grande" Fly Reel

SKU: VFT1489

For sale here is a Dutch Reels "Rio Grande" limited edition fly reel in mint condition. Made in Holland. Serial no. 43 of 75 reels made. Left hand retrieve. The spool detaches by pushing through from the back, a hidden O-ring on the bearing case holds the spool in place. It has a purring click with a powerful adjustable drag.

The Rio Grande has ample room for fly lines in the line classes #7, 8 and 9 and with this reel you can throw yourself in combat confidently with big pike, seatrout, salmon, sea bass, pollack, bonefish, snook, small tarpon, etc. Official backing capacity is up to a #10 line and 200 yards of 30lb backing. Weight 7 1/2 oz. The spool and body are hard anodised aluminium, the reel foot is solid titanium, and other parts are stainless; little risk of corrosion.

Comes with original box, papers, and neoprene pouch.