Hardy Perfect Fly Reel 3 1/8" - 1896 check

SKU: VFT12945

For Sale - Vintage Hardy Perfect Fly Reel 3 1/8"

1896 check. Another rare and early Hardy Perfect that would be a great addition to any collection. Mechanically this reel is as solid as any reel of its age. The only cosmetic flaws are the crude initials scratched into the winding plate and a very minor line burn on one pillar. Nevertheless, this is a fine reel. The other scratches and wear represent normal wear over the years. The early 1896 caliper check is still very strong and the gear teeth are very sharp. 4 cusp spool. Tensioner works great. Ivorine handle spins freely. No wobble or play. Let me know if you need additional photos or have any questions.