Edward Vom Hofe 504 Tobique Reel 2/0 RHW

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A nice Edward Vom Hofe 504 Tobique salmon reel in a great size, perfect for one-handed salmon rods. This is a 2/0 size, 3 3/8" in diameter with a 1 3/8" spool width and weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. This is one of the more desirable Vom Hofe models out there, you just don't see that many of them especially in quality condition. Set up for RHW. The condition is used but excellent. There is a very slight 1/4" nick in the faceplate but it's in otherwise fantastic shape. Winding plate side is good. The nickel silver rims and crank have a nice patina to them (could be polished out if one desires) and the spool shows a very slight bit of pitting. Overall, it's a great package for a reel of this vintage. "504" and "2-0" are stamped into the bar attached to the reel foot, as well as "E197" on an adjoining face. This Tobique is a fantastic find for the classic reel aficionado or Edward Vom Hofe fan. You don't see this model everyday, and it's priced to move.