Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 Peerless Fly Reel - Size 4

SKU: VFT11801

For sale here is a super scarce Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 Fly Reel - Size 4. Late 19th century reel owing to the lack of model number on the reel foot (instituted at the turn of the century), or serial number (instituted in 1908). This model was later dubbed the "Peerless" in 1911.  Excellent original condition. Nickel silver rims, handle arm screw, counterbalance, sliding click switch, pillars and screws. Full length aluminum foot. This reel was presumably made in 1895. Screw heads are in fine condition. No cracks in the hard rubber plates. Front plate shows slight wear over the years (see photos). Handle arm is straight and does not rub against the hard rubber plates like it may have some time before in its long life, although this is not uncommon on these reels. Mechanically the reel is excellent with a smooth and strong click. The original Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 reels in general are extremely difficult to find, even more so in this size.