Edward Vom Hofe Model 413 Cascapedia Size 5/0 Fly Reel - LHW

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For sale here is a very rare Edward Vom Hofe Model 413 fly reel (before it was called the Cascapedia model beginning circa 1911). The Model 413 was a landmark single-action, fixed drag reel that was phased out in 1921. In the early years, this size was designated as 5/0 (became 6/0 in 1911). The reel is in excellent condition. It is also left-hand retrieve, whether it was originally made this way is unknown to me. This reel carries the Jan 23, 1883 patent mark for the sliding click drag. It features german silver safety bands and dual roller bars. Full-length and foot but neatly filed on both ends, and includes the two extra holes in the foot, also representing the early years of production. It is believed that they started stamping the serial numbers on the feet in 1908, so this reel pre-dates that. A truly remarkable example for the Vom Hofe fisherman/collector!

Note: The 1889 catalog copy shown is not this exact model, but is neat for the sake of comparison.