Edward Vom Hofe Model 504 Tobique Fly Reel - Size 4/0

SKU: VFT5413

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For sale here is a size 4/0 Edward Vom Hofe Model 504 Tobique Salmon fly reel in fair overall condition. The reel has a strong click and fully functional adjustable drag with red indicator dots. German silver screws, pillars, rims, on/off knob, handle arm screw, handle counterbalance cap, and drag adjustment knob. Aluminum handle arm, foot and spool flanges. Crack free side plates. Screws are in decent condition, a few showing a bit of buggering.

This reel is priced attractively based on the spool showing some minor corrosion as well as the foot. The foot has also been filed down slightly on both ends and the serial number is illegible. The handle arm is also bent but this can be easily bent back by your favorite reel mechanic. I'm certain this reel has many years of catching big salmon or steelhead left in it. I won't go as far as to call the spool corrosion cosmetic only, but to me it appears to be not a large concern to the integrity of the reel.

All reasonable offers will be considered!