Edward Vom Hofe Peerless #6 Reel - 1 7/8"

We are pleased to announce we have been entrusted to present to the world a Peerless #6 reel. Never heard of one? Most serious reel collectors have seen a #5 Peerless, 2" in diameter. However, NO ONE has ever seen a Peerless #6 1 7/8" in diameter fly reel. The reel descended through the owner's family for 3 generations and is made available now for the first time.

This one-of-a-kind specimen is in excellent working condition, no cracks in the hard rubber. Original unpolished and uncleaned condition. A slight bend in the foot and a few spots of corrosion are the only faults. Nickel silver spool, pillars, bands, serpentine handle, foot, and poachers button. Hard rubber side plates. Bronze arbor center for the spool. "Edw. vom Hofe, N.Y., Pat. Jan,23,83" stamped on the oil port. The poacher's button works, clicking on or off. #6 is stamped on the foot.  
This is a once in two or three generations find as it appears to be the only specimen known.