Edwards Quad Fly Rod 8'6" 3/2 #6/7 - Refinished by Sam Carlson

An excellent Edwards quad fly rod refinished by the late Sam Carlson. 8'6" 3-piece, 2-tip with a strong DF action - feels like a 6 weight or possibly a 7. All sections full length. Marked "Edwards Quad" with #35 in white ink. Wrapped garnet with black trim. Refinished by Sam Carlson with a testimonial letter dated March 8, 1991. Walnut insert, uplocking screw lock with the "light bulb" thread. Hard rubber plug on bottom. Western grip with some hand soiling. Agate stripper with high-speed steel snake guides.

It is difficult to find rods refinished by Sam much less one that has a letter to go with it. Tan bag with red Edwards Quadrate stamp on bag. Rod tube has a few dents in it but it has done its job well, protecting what's inside.

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