John Emery Tarpon Model Fly Reel


For sale here is a John Emery Tarpon fly reel. Near mint condition with a couple flea bite sized marks in the anodizing. The reel was probably never used. Direct Drive. Right hand retrieve. Palmable spool rim. Silent incoming and outgoing. Similar to a Seamaster reel in function and materials. 4 1/4" diameter. 1.16" spool width. Weight 13.70 oz. Black anodized for saltwater protection. Capacity ~ WF13 plus 500 yards of 30# backing. Engraved "John Emery 192". Comes with its original red drawstring bag. 

John Emery was a Tarpon and Bonefish guide in the Florida Keys. He made a very limited number of these reels in the early 80's I believe.