Farlow 3 1/2" Perfect fly reel - LHW

SKU: VFT11973

For sale here is a Perfect-style reel made by Farlow's of London - a 3 1/2 inch "Aluminum" model. Super tight mechanically and the spring is tuned for left-hand wind. Holdfast logo and maker info stamped on winding plate. Unique three-tier rim on the winding plate side of the reel - very attractive. Serial number stamped on reel foot. No line grooves to rims or shouldered pillars. Correct smooth and full length brass foot is 2.75" long. Reel weighs 8 1/4 oz with the backing included. Spool width is 0.7". Attractive crazed erinoid handle spins freely. Original spool screw. Single check is non-adjustable.